Business Process Engineering
Practical Business Process (Re)Engineering towards automated processes and electronic documents.
Cloud Services, Big Data & Analytics
Being one of the very early adopters of Cloud Computing we can offer valuable services to help become a citizen of the cloud.
eLearning Systems & Simulations
Are you interested in eLearning based Training Created for your organisation?
Web Development & Digital Media
Customers can benefit from the capabilities and flexibility of our Javaca Web Development Platform.
Enterprise Application Design & Integration
We are having a vaste expertise in large scale applications and software design.
Data Engineering
Get insight to your data for intelligent decision making and increasing retention.
Business Consulting & Project Management
Avaca Technologies provides Technical Project Management services to assist your agency in managing project expectations.
Game Development
In case you are looking at developing games.
European Projects
Our primary role is as ICT partner providing cutting edge solutions to the projects and helping partners materialise their ideas..
Supply Chain
Our consulting services are materialised and substantiated by our technology platform DigiCanvas.
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