Avaca Technologies provides Technical Project Management services to assist your agency in managing project expectations, timelines, budgets, and resources, delivering your project on time and within budget. Our experience enables us to manage effectively high risk, business critical projects while simultaneously creating very high quality software assets.We have an excellent record in large scale projects managing very complex requirements, large teams very tight schedules.

We have helped clients tailor and adopt agile practices in their drives to eliminate waste and improve speed to market.We understand the needs of customers to manage risk in terms of cost control and service delivery and offers project management services that enable continuous delivery of useful software.


Considering our quite extensive variety of expertise that is originated from the involvement in various domain specific projects throuput the years our project management and consulting is always content based in the sense that we can focus on the specific domain of the customer without a significant learning if not at all. Our part experience involves banking applications, insurance, shipping and marine, suppy chain and procurement, gaming, european projects, hospitality and tourism, risk management and many more.

Outsourcing Services

If you are in the need if some extra specialised staff we can offer you a solution, since our highly trained staff is familiar with latest and state of the art technologies, can easily and quickly integrate in large development teams and start being productive.