A Holistic Approach to the Insurance Market Software
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A holistic approach to Insurance Market Software
Cloud/Web Based
All the platform is Web Rich Client Based. A CMS and Portal Engine is also available.
eService Platform
A number of internal services and modules can help provide consolidated electronic customer services and information.
KPI & Business Insight
A first class BI engine can give useful insight to your data.
A CRM platform is integrated to all the above to empower your customer support and campaigns.
Workflow Management
A process oriented view is explicit within the platform making use of Workflow Execution Engine and Analytics.
Document Management
An integrated document management system.
EAI Capabilities
Configurable integration with Back End System over various protocols. SOA and micro service based approach.
Advanced CMS Capabilities
Integrated CMS to allow generation and delivery of Portals.
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We are situated in the heart of Athens, just a 2 minutes' walk from the Monastiraki metro station.
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