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We strongly believe that innovation is the driving force of business. Competitiveness can be only maintained if someone is constantly re-inventing herself and push her knowledge and skill limits to new levels. Hence Research & Development activities are core activities to our operation.

We are constantly investing to Research & Development and incorporate our results to our products and services.

Innovation is the driving force of business.

Our stuff is constantly trained and encouraged to be exposed to new technologies. We are having an internal R & D stream and in addition we are participating in research projects either EU or funded by the Greek Government.

Our Web Development Framework Javaca and its module extension DigiCanvas is a concrete result of this effort.

Our Research interest concentrate on technologies like Big Data & Data Science, ReActive Programming, Distributed Systems, AI, Software Development Technologies, Gaming and many more.

Javaca Platform & DigiCanvas

Javaca is the core of our technology foundation and is used on most of our deliverables. It is based on Application Server Technologies which comprise from a set of Open Source technologies and Open Standards. Offers an impressive blend of technologies with the significant benefit of rapid development.

It incorporates most of the best practices in Software Development and Design Patterns. Proven through numerous successful implementations, since most of our implementations (projects and products) are based on this platform, it can be a significant assistant and base for large scale projects.

DigiCanvas can be used to an extremely wide range of applications and problems, just to name a few Web Apps, EAI, SOA, Reactive Development, MicroServices, Document Management, Process Engineering and many more.

In addition it has been integrated with the Game Platform offering making its capabilities available for Serious Game related Projects

See our recent work based on Javaca & DigiCanvas.

Research Projects
  • Agentcities

    5th Framework IST programme. In collaboration with Imperial College London.

  • Peer-to-Peer techniques for semantic web service (05-NON-EU-169)

    In collaboration with University of Athens, Department of Mathematics.

  • eGreenship

    An integrated system for monitoring ship’s emissions and operating parameters. In collaboration with Naval Department, Athens Technical Institute and Department of Electronics, Chania Polytechnic.

  • Kheiron Training System

    A Serious Game Training System for Laparoscopic Surgery.


Olympic Agents

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Component Based Agent Construction

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