Are you interested in eLearning based Training created for your organisation? We can offer a range of options for materializing such systems based on our eLearning Platform.

Depending on the actual training need and approach that our customer wants we can offer:

Web Based eLearning

Systems which offer multimedia training material over the browser in a consistent format. A wide range of additional options are available like valuations, qquestionners etc also as part of the core platform.

Serious Games Based

Implementations which this will include a turnkey solution from Gamefication of your training scenario to the actual implementation in terms of a game (the range of options are from 2D web based game to 3D training.

Simulations and virtual Worlds

3D Training Simulation and Virtual Worlds: If your company or business is looking at deploying a Virtual World Setup for training or marketing purposes then you are probably looking at the right place.